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Addon Spotlight: Bagnon

Sean Forsgren

Many of you may be familiar with EngBags and Tbag, two addons that sort and organize your bag space for you. These are great little programs that can keep your inventory squeaky clean, but what about something for those of us who just want one bag frame without sorting and with little configuration out of the box?

Fear not, my friends, Bagnon is here to solve your dilemma. It has been mentioned by WoW Insider before, and many believed it had fallen through the cracks into obscurity. Given your newfound hope for something simple yet elegant, I'll move right into its features and options.

Bagnon comes packaged with four programs, three of which are optional.

  • Bagnon: This is the core of the addon, it displays your inventory and bank in single frames.
  • Bagnon_Forever: An optional package that allows you to view your bank and the inventory of any of your other characters from anywhere. (I love this when I need to check if my alt's Mallet of Zul'Furrak is in the bank or in his bags.)
  • Bagnon_Tooltips: Another optional package that tells you on item tooltips, which characters of yours have the item, and where.
  • Bagnon_Options: The package that holds an on-demand options menu.
This addon is simple to configure and priceless once you realize how convenient it is to be able to check an alt's bank to find that last Globe of Water you need to craft a Frostweave Robe. Bagnon also displays different colored borders for different bag types.

By default they are:
  • Ammo and Soul Pouch: Yellow Borders
  • Profession Bag: Green Borders
  • Keyring slots: Orange Borders
Bagnon also makes use of color-coded item slots and borders, meaning your epic items have a purple, glowing borders. Searching your inventory is handled by double-clicking the title of your inventory or bank frame, which opens a search field. Searches recognize both names and types of items. Right clicking on the title will bring up the options pane to customize the inventory or bank frames.
  • To access the general options, you can use the slash command: /bgn
  • To toggle the display of your bags you can use the slash command: /bgn bags
  • Finally, to display your bank, use the slash command: /bgn bank
You can also bind keystrokes for Bagnon through your Interface->Keybindings menu, where you will find that Bagnon has its own section for bindings, once installed.

Although this addon lacks some of the functionality of more complex inventory management programs, it has some powerful features and a clean aesthetic. I was happy to have all of my bags put into a single frame, the other features just add to my enjoyment of its simple usefulness.

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