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Brawl effect: Wii outsells PS3 4-to-1 in Japan


Wii outsold PlayStation 3 nearly 4-to-1 in Japan during the four weeks ending on February 24, reports Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain. What else is new? Actually, it's a 'real' game, for once, that appears to be driving the ongoing sales surge. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has managed to move 1.33 million units since its January 31 release, no doubt contributing to sales of 331,627 Wii consoles during the period tracked. In comparison, PS3 conjured up a mere 89,131 units sold.

Additionally, Nintendo managed to unload nearly as many Balance Boards as it did Wiis, with Wii Fit selling 309,311 units to become the (distant) second best-selling 'game' during the four-week period. As for Xbox 360...? Put it this way: Wii outsold the poor thing more than 23-to-1. Damn, yo.

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