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Capcom: no plans for RE Zero Wii port outside of Japan


All of you that found your fancy tickled at the news concerning Resident Evil Zero, stop being excited right now. We're serious. Wipe that smile off your face right this minute! So help us, we will turn this blog around right now.

If you live in Japan, though, it's perfectly fine to still be excited about buying a new version of a game you probably already own. The Resident Evil Zero Wii port is going to hit your home turf and your home turf alone. Looks like the U.S. and Europe won't be getting their hands on this game (unless they want to import it), as Capcom pointed out to Eurogamer today that the company has no plans on publishing the title outside of Japan.

Oh well, at least we'll be saved from the hastily-slapped-together "extra features" like behind the scenes stuff and other junk that will surely make its way into this Wii port. But, then again, it is more Resident Evil to buy. We never really can resist plunking money down on Resident Evil games.

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