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Captain skills tuning for all classes in PotBS build 1.2

William Dobson

A recent devlog at the Pirates of the Burning Sea site talks about the changes that are coming to captain skills (your at-sea arsenal) with build 1.2. It looks like every single class will have changes of some sort coming. These will be in the form of global changes to certain types of skills, and changes specific to each class in the game. The global changes include: stopping speed buffs from stacking, reducing the morale cost of skills that cancel upon taking damage, and the addition of crew recovery rate increases and decreases to some existing skills.

The remaining changes coming to skills in build 1.2 are too numerous to list here, but we'll go over some of the highlights.

Freetraders will find that the skills from the Logistics line, which are predominantly economic-based, will have some passive combat boosts going on underneath. Naval Officer's repair skills will strip disabling effects in 1.2, and they will get an extra point of damage reduction from a buff of theirs.

Pirates will receive some boosts to damage reduction in their defense line, a close speed and hauling damage increase for their base pirate career skill, and a reduction in the penalty they currently have for gold drops. Finally, privateers will find their Unpredictability line of skills will cost less morale to use, but will have the same effect on maximum morale. For more on these changes, and to see the rest of them, check out the devlog.

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