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Forum Post of the Day: Pray for the warlocks

Mike Schramm

Sure, QQing can get old after a while, but as long as you do it creatively, a good whine is always welcomed. That's why this forum thread, offering up prayers in many religions for Warlocks after their troubles with Lifetap, is so funny. Yeah, it's Warlocks whining -- they've been doing that for a long time. But it's Warlocks whining in a creative and interesting way, so that makes it much better.

Who knows what deity might encourage Blizzard to lift the nerfs for good and bless us all with buffs aplenty? We don't know it's Jesus, St. St. Maximilian Mary Kolber (the patron saint of addicts), Jebus, Thor, Sargeras (for the Legion!), or Buddha, pretty much the only recourse left to save your class from debilitating nerfs is just to pray (or meditate, if you'd rather do that) as hard as you can.

Thanks, rjvv!

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