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GDC08: Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer demo'd

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EA hosted a special DICE event at GDC last week, showing off the various titles the Swedish developer has in the works. The first embargo to up and die covered the recently delayed Battlefield: Bad Company and, since we couldn't spend as much time as we'd have liked with the title, we've gathered videos and previews from some other outlets for you to enjoy. We do have some pictures of the swank event, hosted at San Francisco's Vessel Lounge, for you to peruse but let's jump right into the game, shall we?

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Bad Company differs from your usual Battlefield title in a few notable ways: 1) it's being built specifically for consoles and 2) it has a single-player campaign. Bad Company's biggest gameplay innovation is its destructible environments which, while chic and somewhat non-functional several years ago, have come a long way thanks to the increased capabilities of modern consoles.

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The seven-on-seven multiplayer bout that EA set up at the event illustrated the strategic challenge this presents: hiding behind a wall to regain some health doesn't do much good when enemies simply blow the wall up. The main multiplayer mode – dubbed "Gold Rush" – has you seeking out your enemy's stash of heavily guarded gold; destroy two stashes, open up more of the map and create two new stashes to be defended. While the final game promises massive environments and the requisite vehicles to traverse them, the map they showed off was sadly vehicle-less.

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