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Motorola: over 15 million HD set-tops served in 2007

Steven Kim

We all heard a couple weeks back about Motorola getting a nice shot in the arm from sales of HD set-top boxes. True, there have been regional issues with short supply, but that's not entirely Motorola's fault. To its credit, Motorola shipped over 15 million of the HD-addiction-enablers in 2007, and the total to date comes to a whopping 69 million. So yeah, the company knows how to churn out the goods. So if you're waiting for a HD set-top box, hang in there -- we feel your pain. The surge in demand outstripping some market estimates is a good thing for the format, showing that HD is here to stay. Trust us, both your provider and Motorola want to put the new HD toys in your hands! To those of you who already have your HD set-top boxes, show some support for those still waiting and continue spreading the word!

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