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News flash: Netflix will continue to buy every Blu-ray movie made

Ben Drawbaugh

With Blu-ray taking the center stage, no PR department is missing the train as Video Business is reporting that Chief financial officer Barry McCarthy said Netflix might add up to 1,500 Blu-ray titles this year. This seems pretty impressive at first, until you consider Netflix buys just about every movie anyways, so its nothing more than a statement that, it's business as usual. The real interesting tidbit is about the possibility that the price may increase. We recognize that Blu-ray discs cost more, and since Netflix is in business for the same reason we went to work today, only a fool would think that there's no chance Netflix would raise the costs for HD movie watchers. Netflix hasn't made the decision yet though, and states it'll really come down to "a function of churn" and some other businessy stuff. Not sure about anyone else, but we interpret this as, don't cancel your subscription and we won't raise prices. Of course, if Netflix really wanted to cut down on churn if it did end up raising the price, it'd grandfather existing subscribers.

[Via Format War Central]

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