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O2's bringing the iPhone to Ireland on March 14th


We got wind of this in the early AM, but now it's official: O2 is picking up the iPhone in Ireland, selling the 8 gigger for €399, and the 16GB for €499. Tariffs range from €45 for 175 minutes to €100 for 700 minutes, and all plans include 1GB of data. It sounds like quite the scam compared to O2's iPhone plans in the UK, but we're going to just chalk it up to cultural differences not explored in Colin Farrell's latest masterpiece, "In Bruges."

Update: Some tipsters have pointed out that O2 Ireland makes no mention of Visual Voicemail on its iPhone pages, which is odd considering the fact that O2 UK highlights the feature. It could be a oversight, or it could mean that those unsightly tariffs are, in fact, true highway robbery.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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