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Phoenix Games publishing for Wii: be afraid


The only possible way to make Data Design Interactive's Wii games look good is to put them next to Phoenix Games' offerings. Luckily for DDI, and unluckily for people without healthy senses of humor who may receive one of these, that is exactly what is happening. Phoenix announced plans to publish fourteen Wii games starting in April. The list includes surefire hits like Rat-a-Box, Lion and the King 3, and Monster Dessert (okay, we actually want to know what that last one is).

Whereas Data Design just makes bad games, Phoenix makes complete garbage, including barely interactive, sub-CDI-level, copyright-infringing animated movies with voice acting from whoever happened to walk by. Phoenix's games are the very definition of "shovelware."

While these games plagued Europe on the PS2, they have yet to make it to the United States, presumably because it's expensive to ship things.

[Via Cubed3]

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