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Today's most Microsoft Surface-y video: Firefly demo

Kyle Orland

It's been a while since we first speculated on the gaming potential of Microsoft's Surface multi-touch tabletop computer -- long enough, in fact, that that potential has now become somewhat more actual. Sarcastic Gamer has the video of a Carbonated Games demo for Firefly, a simple game that, appropriately enough, involves gathering fireflies into jars (sorry Whedon fans, no Reavers here).

The multi-touch abilities of the Surface are put to good use in the video -- even with three hands and up to 15 fingers pushing the little flies around, the Surface doesn't seem to miss a beat. Our favorite part, though, has to be the ability to squash opposing players bugs with your actual fingers. Try doing that with one of today's consoles. We dare ya.

Continue reading to see why the future of gaming is as bright as a squished firefly's bottom.

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