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A look at Goblin-town in the Misty Mountains

William Dobson

The Lord of the Rings Online lorebook has been updated with a page devoted to Goblin-town. You won't have been there before unless you are nearing the maximum level, as the area is teeming with dangerous and seasoned goblins, and is reached by going through the perilous Misty Mountains.

Lore buffs will recognize that Goblin-town was the backdrop for a momentous event in Lord of the Rings history, as the lorebook entry explains, for it is here that Bilbo Baggins fell into Gollum's cavern and found an extremely important object -- yep, that one. It is also where Gandalf defeated the Great Goblin to save Thorin Oakenshield's party. These bits of lore may give you the urge to visit Goblin-town, but the goblins aren't going to help show you around, so be prepared to fight.

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