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Fanswag: 3rd Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: This giveaway has ended. To see who won and to enter another giveaway, make your way here.

This, the third day of our Super Halo 3 / PGR4 Qee Giveaway, we'd first like to say congratulations to Zach S and team red for winning yesterday's blue Halo 3 Qee. Though, in all honestly, blue is ten times better ... just saying.

So, for today's Friday giveaway we figure we'll give out a Toy2R red Halo 3 Qee. It'll not only complete our Halo 3 Qee color offerings, but red was also the winner so it's only fitting we support team red. Anyway, let's finish this week's giveaways on a strong note by awarding Qee to the one lucky fanboy who successfully completes the entry rules below. Remember, this giveaway ends TODAY at 5:00PM eastern, so complete your entry like ... right now.
  • We're going totally random today with our entry idea. We're giving away a red Halo 3 Qee so we want to know what your favorite red colored food is. Yes, food. We told you it was completely random, but we want to to know. Comment on this post today with your favorite red food answer.
  • One comment per person. Multiple comments by the same user will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until later today, Friday, February 29th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • On Monday, March 3rd we'll randomly choose and announce one winner.
  • One lucky winner will receive one red Halo 3 Qee valued at $20.
Have a happy Friday, good luck and another big thank you to Toy2R for giving us the Qee goods. Official giveaway rules can be viewed right here.

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