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New GRAW2 achievements means more DLC

Dustin Burg

For those of you who are still supporting the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter then you'll be glad to know that a set of eight new achievements totaling an additional 125 Gamerscore have been added to GRAW2. Funny thing about that is can't unlock them yet.

The list of eight new achievements come straight from the bowels of and correspond to various GRAW2 co-op mission completions as well as killing tasks on any "GRAW 2: CC map". But know that these achievements are not the same ones released with last year's GRAW2 Co-Op Collection DLC, these are freshly new and totally unannounced co-op missions. So, that means only one thing to us: more DLC. We expect these new achievements to correspond to another round of paid (or free) GRAW2 DLC that will be making its way to the XBLM soon'ish. You are on alert.

[Thanks, Brad]

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