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One Shots: Night-time in Nagrand

One of the things that struck us upon stepping through the Dark Portal back in January last year was how lovely the night sky is out in Outland. Sure, WoW's Burning Crusade expansion had a lot of cool things going for it, but we've never stopped enjoying just how lovely the sky is out there. Today, one of our readers Mimi (who sadly didn't send us a character name/server) sent in this lovely screenshot of the Horde village Garadar in Nagrand by moonlight. (Planet-light? We don't quite know what you'd call that.)

Do you know of any locations that look even more lovely by the ambient light of whatever large light-reflective planetary mass happens to be lurking about in the sky nearby? Heck, do you know of any worlds that actually have a definable moon in the game? (Or are we just getting ahead of ourselves before the NASA MMO comes out?) Whatever the case, if you have some cool screenshots, send them in to us at for us all to enjoy.

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