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Today in Joystiq: February 29, 2008

Ross Miller

Katamari Damacy meets Day of the Dead, care of Nicolas Caesar (thanks, brian). Can we call him Prince of All Dying Stars? Check out the highlights for today:

DS Fanboy Lite: Feb. 23 - Feb. 29
Joystiq interview: Crystal Dynamics' Lindstrom talks Tomb Raider: Underworld
Joystiq Podcast 039 - Leap year edition
Metareview: Patapon (PSP)
This Week in DLC: Sucking up Triggerheart Exelica

Ironclad's Sins sells more than 100,000 in less than a month
SCi plans radical restructuring with mass layoffs and project cancellations
Call of Duty 4 feature patch is now live
See the Battlefield Heroes debut trailer
GDC08: First screenshots of Mirror's Edge
Eidos returns to open water with Battlestations: Pacific
Borders Books testing game sales in London
Trism brings tilt-sensitive puzzle gaming to iPhone
Rock Band Weekly: Grateful Dead six-pack
Sony reveals Home integration for Resistance, Uncharted, Warhawk
Pong creator Nolan Bushnell working on MMO
Take-Two: More companies want to buy us
US/Euro MGS4 lacks Japanese voice over tracks
Rocketmen blast off onto XBLA, PSN next week
Major League Eating crammed into WiiWare
Future Futurama flick features extra Xbox episode
Voice of Marcus Fenix talks Gears of War 2
Street Fighter IV test machines in Japan, features Sagat and Balrog
Former EA exec: Kotick's WoW remark meant to scare competition

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Lost Odyssey sequels on the way

Culture & Community
GDC '08 breaks attendance record, press may need invite next year
Game Developers Choice Awards on G4 tonight
Jason Ocampo leaves Gamespot for IGN

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