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Epic's Mark Rein and CliffyB explain PC gaming 'disarray'

Gears of War creator and faux-chainsaw-gun wielder Cliff Blezinski made some pretty disparaging (if not slightly true) comments about the state of PC gaming to MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo at last month's DICE summit in Las Vegas -- leading to to his illustrated immolation on a webcomic a few of you have probably heard of. At GDC, StevieT got another chance to sit down with CliffyB, this time with fellow Epic bigwig Mark Rein (MarkyR?) to flesh out the problems plaguing the PC gaming industry.

The two never backtrack on CliffyB's original statement, but they do express their fervent support for the PC Gaming Alliance -- a sentiment which will hopefully cause anti-console gamers to dismantle any ballistic weaponry they may have pointed at Cliffy's residence. We do so want a Gears of War 3.

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