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GDC08 Highlights: Age of Conan, Requiem: Bloodymare and All Points Bulletin

Dan O'Halloran

Age of Conan

Conan gets mounted

One of the hottest tickets for MMO enthusiasts at GDC08 was the Funcom session showing off new features in their upcoming Age of Conan. Mounted combat was the eye candy of the day. Game Director Gaute Godager walked our team through the basics of head to head battles astride War Horses, War Mammoths and War Rhinos. For the reading-averse, you can also listen to an audio recording of the presentation.

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Requiem: Bloodymare

Can I haz gothic horror MMO plz?

After our previous posts on Gravity Interactive's upcoming title Requiem: Bloodymare, we were interested enough to want to see more of the game, and lucky enough to be invited to do so at the Game Developer's Conference this year. Already playing in Korea, R:B will enter closed beta in about a month's time.

Expecting a simplified hack 'n' slash with overdone Gothic elements, R:B surprised us with some really cool features and a deep character growth system.

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All Points Bulletin

Cops and Robbers and MMOs

What word is perhaps most synonymous with the current MMO playing field? Grind. Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones (no relation?) is setting out to change that with the studio's first massively multiplayer title All Points Bulletin we caught wind of back in September. He's hoping the formula Crackdown + MMO = crack will be proven true with variables like infinite, professional-looking character and vehicle customization, contemporary setting, integration with and dynamic, variable team-sized missions hidden in the equation.

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