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O2 Ireland defends high iPhone costs


As we reported last week, O2 is set to release the iPhone in Ireland at either €399 (8GB model) or €499 (16GB). That's approximately $605US or $757US, respectively.

Consider that their cheapest contract runs for 18 months (which figures out to a minimun of €1,209) with 1GB of data per month, no visual voicemail and 175 call minutes, and some customers are unhappy. However, O2 Ireland's CEO Danuta Gray has an answer.

"...I have music on it, videos on it, DVDs, photo albums, camera. To me it's just an amazing device and I think the type of price here compared with this type of functionality is where the value should be judged."

She goes on to predict that Apple fans will be lined up (or "queuing" as they say over there) when the phones become available, and we agree. After all, some of us (yours truly included) paid the Early Adopter Fee for our American iPhones.

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