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Sign up for's rather large GTAIV giveaway

Dustin Burg

Hurry up children and make your way over to and sign up for a huge Grand Theft Auto IV Sweepstakes giveaway. A hugely huge giveaway that includes over 20,000 prizes ranging from Microsoft points to Xbox Live subscriptions to a a trip to New York to experience the GTAIV launch. A prize packages that comes complete with guns, scantily clad women and drugs ... or so that is what's expected. We're not entirely sure if this giveaway is the same one that was supposed to be "exclusive" to purchasers of the GTAIV Special Edition, but we really don't care all that much. We're satisfied by the fact that we can enter this massive giveaway with the click of a mouse button. And speaking of clicking. Be sure to click your mouse over to the official GTAIV Sweepstakes page and register by April 14th when this whole sweepstakes thingy wraps up. Good luck!

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