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Champions Online developer post roundup

Kyle Horner

Having an insatiable appetite for all things Champions Online, we've gone and searched their official forums like rabid info-hounds and complied a nice list of developer quotes. Of course there's no official dev tracker in the forums and for a while we were sort of wandering around manually searching for Cryptic employee posts until we found this very helpful thread. Big thanks goes to poster Foo for coming up with the idea -- it certainly makes our monstrous thirst for information easier to quench.

This time around we've got tons of topics ranging from XP dept to underwater missions -- trust us when we say you'll be happily surprised by many of the dev posts.

So what did we find? Well, much looking about proves to be quite fruitful, especially since the Cryptic guys are so upfront and honest with the community -- not to mention very active in their posting habits. Here are some choice quotes from Arkayne, lead developer for Champions Online.

  • We are aiming for a "Teen" rating game. Think four-color supers.
  • No XP debt in Champions Online.
  • We have no current plans to develop Champions Online for the PS3.
  • I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! No layer cakes here! (in reference to the endless caves from CoH)
  • You have to disguise yourself as part of a covert operation. You must gather together the different parts of a VIPER outfit to make yourself look like one of them. (an example of mission diversity in CO)
  • Your Nemesis will always be a challenge. Otherwise he'd be less of a "nemesis" and more of a "speed bump"!
  • Rested Experience? Yup, we'll be having something like that.
  • There will definitely be crafting, focused on the main aspects of creation in the supers genre.
  • Lots of awesome ideas on bases/housing here! While we do have designs for this type of feature, it is not currently planned for launch.
  • We will have underwater missions. As for powers, TBD (it's pretty specialized).
  • Shapeshifting? Not at launch. Metamorphs are very cool, but our animators who are quite busy enough making the rest of the game come to life!

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