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Come back to DDO for the price of free

Kyle Horner

If you've every had a Dungeons & Dragons Online account, then you'll be interested in this piece of news. Starting this Wednesday on March 5th and continuing through until Tuesday March 11th, previous players will have free access to all the new content added (including all the modules) into DDO over the past two years. We mention two years because of its significance -- this special offer marks the second anniversary of the tabletop inspired massively game and it looks like Turbine plans on celebrating the event in style.

That's not all. Not only will any returning players still retain all of their characters, but everyone will be earning an extra 25% of experience throughout the event -- which is a very good thing since the level cap has been raised to 16. There will also be events by form of themed festivities -- in celebration of the big second year. Overall, it sounds like there's a lot to check out if you haven't been in DDO for a while and what's to lose since you'll be paying nothing? Considering that this starts in the middle of the week and goes on through this coming weekend, we're sure plenty of people will find the time to check out the new content.

Hell, we're certainly going to be checking this out -- especially since Turbine seems to have put a lot of work into getting this whole affair together.

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