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GRAW2 Co-op Collection 2 gets fully revealed

Dustin Burg

The achievements didn't lie, because today TeamXbox exclusively revealed yet another piece of GRAW2 downloadable content called Co-op Collection 2.

Just like the Co-op Collection before it, this second set of DLC will feature five new missions (Bridges, Stronghold, Depot, Riverbed and Ghost Town), nine new adversarial maps (Bridges, Stronghold, Depot, Riverbed, Ghost Town, Roadblock, Island, Treatment Plant and Mining Camp) as well as eight additional achievements worth 125 Gamerscore. TeamXbox posted a pretty solid video preview of the Co-op Collection 2 which also tells us that the DLC can be downloaded right now off the XBLM. But after doing a quick XBLM look, no Co-op Collection 2 could be found. So, we'll just say release date and pricing are "pending".

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