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Japanese Wii Ware promo page shows off 11 games

Kyle Orland

While American Wii owners have to wait until May to enjoy original downloadable Wii Ware games, Japanese Wii owners are gearing up for the March launch of the service with a screenshot-filled promotional web page.

The site's list of 11 games (translated to English below) is conspicuously missing Western -developed titles like Telltale's Frontier's (edit: typo) Lost Winds and Mastiff's Major League Eating, although that last omission might be considered a bonus for Japan. It's not clear which of the listed games will be available for the service's Japanese launch, but you can bet the initial lineup will be better line up than the three games that are currently confirmed for the service's U.S. debut.

Games listed on the Japanese Wii Ware site:

  • FFCC: The Young King and the Promised Land
  • StarSoldierR
  • Word Puzzle Mojipittan Wii
  • Pokemon Ranch
  • Dr. Mario's Virus Buster
  • Marubou Shikaku
  • Magnetica
  • Bomberman
  • Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii
  • Angels' Solitaire
  • Joysound Wii
[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]

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