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NCTA, CEA expect some loose ends in digital switchover

Steven Kim

In case you missed it in the last couple of EHD podcasts, we've talked about how the logistics of the digital switchover will be handled. With such a ginormous footprint, one thing's for sure: it's not going to come off without a hitch. At a recent luncheon meeting, presidents of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) both expressed as much. NCTA president Kyle McSlarrow seemed more focused on putting more work into the pre-switch side, while the CEA's Gary Shapiro called for cooler heads to prevail after the first hiccups. Seriously, no matter how much information is blasted out, there are going to be some people that are unable (or unwilling) to put together the pieces necessary to keep TV flowing into their homes. It seems like the ads are hitting the targets, so maybe it's best to just start readying the "switchover shock troops" for the days following "day zero." In the meanwhile, EHD readers, try and do your part by helping out confused or unaware friends, family and coworkers!

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