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Nielsen: GameStop TV increases sales in stores


GameStop TV, a two-hour video in stores which cycles in an endless loop and is changed every month, is helping boost sales. AdWeek details a study by Nielsen Media Research showing that titles advertised on GameStop TV saw a 19 - 36% boost in sales. Unadvertised products that were merely mentioned saw a 20% increase in sales. The data also showed that (unbelievably) the TV program kept people in the store approximately 50% longer, which translates into numerous opportunities to ask about pre-orders in GameStop time.

GameStop TV launched in September and beyond its game advertisement also has paid non-gaming advertisers like the US Navy and anti-drug ads. There are also ads by companies like DirectTV which disguise themselves as content. If there is no GameStop TV at your local shop, statistics like this pretty much guarantee it's incoming.

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