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Team Fortress 2 for Xbox 360 patched, no class changes

Ross Miller

An update for Team Fortress 2 has come to the Xbox Live. Unlike the PC patch from over the weekend, there are no balance changes to the classes themselves. Instead, a number of glitches have been fixed, as well as the inclusion of rumble for weapons and the addition of 10- and 14-player team sizes. No indication of a PlayStation 3 patch, so if you've gotten an update, let us know in the comments below. Full details (via Steam forums) after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

  • Fixed a medic invuln exploit.
  • Fixed grenades going through players or buildings.
  • Fixed exploit with rockets causing damage through thin walls.
  • Fixed exploit allowing snipers to fire faster than intended.
  • Fixed exploit allowing players to teleport with the intelligence.
  • Fixed exploit attaching sappers to buildings through walls.
  • Fixed spy backstab exploit.
  • Fixed spy being able to attack without dropping his disguise.
  • Medics no longer heal enemy spies when they're not disguised.
  • Tweaked autobalance calculations.
  • When an engineer dies in sudden death, his buildings explode.
  • Fixed stats sometimes not reporting correctly.
  • Added a dialog to indicate when the host shuts down the server.
  • Added rumble to TF weapons.
  • Fixed ping column sometimes getting hidden in some resolutions.
  • Added 10 and 14 player game sizes.
  • Prevent hosts selecting game sizes above their bandwidth limits.
  • Improved handling of large network packets to eliminate bandwidth spikes.
  • Reduced respawn times for smaller games.

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