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TimeLog 4.3 punches in


Media Atelier has released TimeLog 4.3, a time-tracking application that integrates tightly with Address Book, iCal, .mac Sync and iSync. We've covered many such apps, and this is another entry in a crowded field (see Billings, Billable, iRatchet, et al). It takes a lot of features to be a contender in this arena and TimeLog has plenty to offer.

The iSync, .mac Sync and iCal integration allow for multiple macs to be on board. You can even let other people in on the timesheets (they suggest your accountant) simply by publishing the calendar that you're syncing with. The Address Book integration is a pretty standard feature, but I'd definitely miss it if it weren't there. A walk through the Preferences gives a better view of the abilities of the software, though.

One feature I love is application tracking, which includes your time spent using certain applications in the log. An XML export that can auto-publish at configurable intervals is also potentially handy. Time logs in graph form can be displayed on a full-screen panel which optionally becomes a floating mini-window when the program is not in the foreground. Categories can each have their own hourly rate assigned, which you'd expect, but TimeLog also provides the ability to define a per-client, custom rate within each category. It also handles expenses, which some other apps in the field are lacking. The timer feature allows for an array of display options, including the ability to show task, project and extended tracking. And small, optional HUD reminders can be used to keep you aware of your timer status... in addition to its Growl support.

This is my first look at TimeLog. I'm currently using Billings quite happily, but I'm pretty impressed with this one. And at $25 it's a valid competitor for my hard-earned money. The demo allows 50 entries, so you can take a pretty good test-drive and decide for yourself.

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