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Woz talks Apple again


Steve Wozniak is in Australia this week to speak at the Broadband and Beyond Conference. He's also sat down with The Sydney Morning Herald to discuss, among other things, his disappointment with the iPhone:

"To tell you the truth I was really disappointed when the iPhone was introduced ... half the phones in the AT&T store at the time were 3G phones ... I was shocked because Apple is bringing the full internet [to mobiles] ... and it's not 3G."

Woz isn't alone in this complaint. Since the iPhone is the first mobile phone I've ever owned (I know - crazy), my only experience is with EDGE. Of course it isn't as fast as broadband in my house, but it isn't unusably slow, either.

The iPhone is scheduled to debut in Australia later this year (not that it isn't there already).

Thanks, Asher!

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