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AMD unveils DirectX 10-compatible 780 Series motherboard GPU

Darren Murph

AMD's deliverance of two 45-nanometer CPUs wasn't the only thing new from the company today, as now we're getting wind of an all new motherboard GPU that's DirectX10 compatible. The AMD 780 Series is hailed as "the industry's most advanced" mobo GPU, and is slated to be "widely available" in a variety of boards in Q2. Essentially, AMD's hoping the chip will enable casual gamers to join in on the fun without having to fork out big bucks for pricey discrete graphics cards, but for those that eventually do pick up such a device, the ATI Hybrid Graphics technology ensures that the power from both will be harnessed in order to boost overall performance. Check out the read link for all the nitty-gritty, and head on past the break if you're scouting a couple of educational videos.

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