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Happy 4th birthday... to us!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Okay, okay, technically our birthday was yesterday (what, no cake? And you didn't even call?), but we just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you, our ridiculously dedicated, obsessive, and somehow still-growing audience for making Engadget the runaway success it's been. We know it's a cliché, but none of us would have the privilege of doing what we do without your support, and it's pretty hard for any of us to imagine going back to a world where Engadget didn't exist. So thanks!

-Ryan, Peter, and the entire team at Engadget

P.S. -Stick close by, we'll be having a giveaway in a little bit.
P.P.S. -And yes, contrary to popular belief, we are both four years old and were also somehow around in 1985.

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