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Interview with SCEA's Hight confirms PSN redesign in April, Warhawk expansion, PS1 games

Majed Athab

Wow, more and more rumors popping up on the interwebs are proving to be true. This time around, the rumor about an April PSN store overhaul has been confirmed in an interview with John Hight, SCEA's director of product development. Hight is quoted saying, "I think you will see a pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April, where we roll out some new interface stuff largely based on customer feedback." So, we now know there's definitely a redesign coming, but we're still in the dark about new content like, oh say, that rumored video download service.

Also in the interview, Hight confirms that the rumored expansion for Warhawk should hit the PSN by April, too. Hight stated, "We just released an expansion on Warhawk in September, and we'll release another one in April." Further more, when questioned about Japanese PS1 games on the American PSN store, Hight had this to say, "I'm pretty darn sure they will [appear on the American PSN], but I don't know which titles." Now hold your horses, what that probably means is that we could be seeing a similar title catalog, and not that Japanese version games will appear on the US PSN. Nice, but not a guarantee. Well, we'd be happy if we could just get Resident Evil 2 in our store ...

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