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RUMOR: Some Age of Conan pre-orders to get early access

Kyle Horner

We've caught wind of a rumor regarding certain retail chains that give out unique Age of Conan pre-order keys. It seems that if you've pre-ordered at any chain that does give you a unique key, then a three-day early start is in your Hyborian future. The rumor started in this thread on the official forums, which was then supported by a secondary post with a copy-paste of an email that seemingly confirms the rumor. What is most interesting is that an official post has since been made concerning said rumor, which doesn't actually deny the three-day head start.

So it certainly seems this rumor has some legs. This definitely wouldn't be the first time pre-order customers got an early start, as it's quite common for massively games to do something of this nature. Call us fairly convinced on this one, but of course until there's an official announcement it'll have to go into the rumor bin.

[Thanks, autonomous]

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