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Something old, something new: Spyker brings two models to CeBIT

Chris Ziegler

We don't know what it is with boutique brands picking up year-old Haiers and passing them off as new wares, but it's a trend that appears to be picking up some steam. Spyker, the Dutch auto manufacturer, got into the phone branding game last year and is set to roll out a pair of new midrange models at CeBIT this week. The first model, LaTurby, has a name that's extremely fun to say (seriously, give it a try) -- but that's about all that's notable about it seeing how it's the Haier Sterling we saw last year with 1GB of internal storage, Bluetooth, and a 2 megapixel cam. The metal MonteCarlo slider looks a bit more interesting -- and more importantly, fresh -- and should have specs roughly in line with its more amusingly-named sib. No word on pricing or availability for these yet, but needless to say, we're thinking they'll be both cheaper and easier to obtain than a Spyker automobile.

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