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Sony Ericsson turns T303 slider into reality

Chris Ziegler

Whoa, no EDGE? That's a surefire sign that Sony Ericsson is targeting the very bottom end of the market with its just-introduced T303 slider, a phone we saw in classic "SE123" form just recently. That seems a bit at odds with the fact that the phone's exterior is mostly constructed of chrome and metal, but we're guessing buyers aren't going to argue too much with that. Features include an integrated FM radio, 8MB of memory, a 160 x 128 display, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel camera in two flavors depending on which three GSM band combo you'd rather have. Look for it to launch in "mid 2008" for a price to be set by your local distributor -- but expect it to be cheap.

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