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Time Warner Cable adding four HD channels in Columbus, Ohio

Darren Murph

Just over a month after Clevelanders were told of four new HD channels that are coincidentally launching on Time Warner Cable today, the folks down in Buckeye country now have four of their own to look forward to. Yep, Columbus-area residents can get prepared for the addition of Sports Time Ohio HD (Ch. 752; presumably the full-time edition), National Geographic HD (Ch. 761), A&E HD (Ch. 766) and HGTV HD (Ch. 768). According to a notice on the carrier's website, these four newcomers are slated to hit sometime this month, but word from Columbus says that TWC has already been airing an ad boasting that A&E HD would arrive on the 18th. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Via HDColumbus, thanks Dan L.]

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