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Umbrella Chronicles ships a million units worldwide

Jason Dobson

With the successful wii-vival of Resident Evil 4, not to mention plans to introduce waggle to Resident Evil Zero in Japan, there's little question that Capcom enjoys returning to – and drinking from – the Wii's zombie-infested well. And for good reason, as the company announced that its latest trip down memory lane for the Wii, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, has shipped over a million units the world over since the game's debut last November.

Impressive, for sure, though what's even more staggering is that the series as a whole has sold more than 34.5 million units globally as of February 29. However, the company is not all about survival horror, having recently confirmed plans for some 15 new projects in the works -- though Capcom will likely always have a special place in its heart (and wallet) for the decaying flesh of the undead.

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