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Video: Take a bite out of Turning Point's giant apple

Dustin Burg

We all know that Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a game set in an alternate WWII reality where the German Nazi army invades and occupies the U.S. and the "Big Apple" New York City. And if you're like us, while killing Nazi scum we couldn't shake our curiosity as we wondered where exactly this "Big Apple" was located. We just didn't know if this apple reference was simply a nickname for the city or if there was a giant piece of fruity goodness hidden somewhere. And thanks to the video above, we now know that NYC does in fact house an abnormally large apple. Check it out for yourself and we think you'll agree that it's refreshing to see that Fall of Liberty developer Spark Unlimited has a sense of humor and respect for giant pieces of produce.

[Thanks, Justin]

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