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Boost boosts the Motorola KRZR

Chris Ziegler

Boost Mobile has launched Motorola's KRZR K1m this week, and while its freshness leaves something to be desired, the glossy black flip is instantly propelled to the very top rung of Boost's non-iDEN food chain above the w385 and c290, both of which also hail from Moto. The scrappy, youth-oriented Sprint division is using the K1m's launch to highlight Unlimited by Boost, its regional calling plan that is currently available in 13 states -- including the lovely islands of Hawaii. The Boost-ified MOTOKRZR is available now for $249.99, so get in on the circa-2006 action while the getting's good; heck, if you're really clever about it, you might even be able to use it as an excuse to move to Oahu.

[Via Slashphone]

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