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Chronicles of Spellborn: demo video good, another big delay bad

Michael Zenke

Good idea:
Show off your Massively Multiplayer game at Game Developer's conference! The long-in-development title Chronicles of Spellborn showed off gameplay and core features to the site OnlineWelten. The Germans had a camera on-hand, and you can enjoy the lengthy resulting video either on their site, or embedded below the cut.

Bad idea: Postpone the launch of your already long-delayed title well into 2008. The official site notes that the developers now plan to release Spellborn sometime in Q2 of this year - right into the timeframe of Warhammer Online and (possibly) Wrath of the Lich King. This already incredibly niche title is going to have a stiff fight on its hands, and it's a real shame that they're postponing it right into the path of these mass-market behemoths.

Some of the features are definitely worth checking out, though; check below the cut for that great OnlineWelten video.

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