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Cocoto Magic Circus ships for Wii, no one notices

Candace Savino

We know PR people are supposed to write press releases that make video games sound good, but simply writing down that a game is "highly anticipated" doesn't make it so.

Unless we're mistaken, and you're the one person in the world who's been drooling all over yourself while waiting for Cocoto Magic Circus to come out on the Wii. Considering that we've never even heard of the game and it's our job to write about all things Wii, though, we somehow doubt it.

So, what is Cocoto Magic Circus, then? Apparently, it's a compilation of forty minigames. We originally assumed from the title that these minigames would involve acrobatics, riding unicycles, and other things of that sort. The press release, however, only mentions something about freeing a magical fairy, so we really can't be sure.

The game actually shipped to the U.S. last week, but we're sure you already knew that, considering how "highly anticipated" it is.

[Via GoNintendo]

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