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Developer admits Saints Row 2 will have 'bugs'


Developer Volition admits that Saints Row 2 "won't be bug free" when it releases. Speaking at the game's unveiling in London, a Volition producer says no title ships bug free, but that the studio is going to do its best to polish the game before it releases this year. He even says the company has "a full QA team" on the project, which given the issues with the first title causes us to imagine it only had a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Mortimer testing it.

Admitting off the bat there will be bugs is refreshing honesty from a developer, but it's more like preemptive damage control spurred by the fact that Saints Row was known for its comedic code issues. In fact, the bugs were so ridiculous in the game that there was a musical made about them (which can also be found after the break for those afraid of links).

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