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Downloads haven't arrived at a theater near you yet

Steven Kim

Hey, don't say we didn't tell you so, but according to The Diffusion Group, the great masses aren't ready to get their full-length movie content via download just yet. Here's the blow-by-blow findings from the study: more than half polled didn't even know movie downloads exist; more than a third know about but have never tried them; and less than 10-percent regularly download movies. And what, pray tell, is the biggest feature consumers are looking for? A little something called "quality of content," a.k.a. "more titles, please." Shocker, right? Don't get us wrong, we're all for downloadable content. But beyond the chicken-and-egg problem of getting studio support to attract more customers to get studio support, there are other outstanding issues as well. Until bandwidth is a non-issue and crazy DRM restrictions are gone, physical media makes good sense to consumers and businesses alike. Of course, if you've made the switch to all direct download movies, let us know about it below!

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