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Duel Love teaches proper nipple rubbing techniques

Candace Savino

When we scrub sweat off of anime men, we like to make sure we do it right. That's why we were glad to see this helpful Duel Love chart, showing us the various moods that a proper sponge scrub can elicit. According to the chart, the boy with the blue-tinted hair really likes that right nipple rubdown, to the point of the game being even more disturbing than it was before.

Somehow, the game manages to get even more risquè, with shower scenes encouraging you to blow away the steam that's hindering the view. You wouldn't want to miss anything, right? (We kid.)

That last bit sounds more like a voyeur-in-training game to us, though. Ut oh, we hope we didn't just give anyone any ideas.

[Via Kotaku]

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