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ESRB reveals 3 new XBLA games


With their usual knack, the ESRB has recently released the ratings for three XBLA games that we had never heard of. The games are Battlezone, Warlords, and Lost Cities. Battlezone is an old but popular arcade game with vector 3D graphics and a first-person perspective. It was later ported to computer, where the game was incredibly different, and which is the version that Live Arcade is likely to see. Warlords is another game that shares both an arcade and computer release, only the XBLA release is likely to be the arcade version. Lost Cities on the other hand, is completely different from the other two. Lost Cities was originally a two player card game revolving around doing, (what else?) exploring lost cities. While it's always great to see new games on XBLA, these three games aren't exactly new, as all of them existed in some form or another, and it does make one wonder what will happen to original XBLA titles if if games like these can prove to be money-makers ....

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