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Lorebook entry spotlights fire-master Glin, father of Gimli

Kyle Horner

A new Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook entry is up and focuses on a character this time around. Glóin is a Dwarven fire-maker who traveled with Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, however he is also featured in the later the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well -- lets not forget he's also the father of Gimli. In LotRO, he can be found holding down his fort against the Dourhands in the Misty Mountains. The reason for his presence there is to clear out the Dourhands so that the passage through the mountains would be safe. Although such work really has no end, which is why many quests await players who travel to the fortress.

This new Lorebook entry not only gives us a google map location of Glóin, but it also breaks down the quests that he's involved with -- which is incredibly cool.

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