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New details on SOCOM Confrontation


Since the announcement was made last May, Sony has remained somewhat tight-lipped on the topic of SOCOM Confrontation, the multiplayer-only PS3 entry into the Navy-oriented series. The May issue of EGM will end all that, however, with a massive feature on the anticipated title, including all new details and screens.

To whet the pallet, Sony has revealed two new screenshots of Confrontation in action, with accompanying information about what players are seeing. The above image displays a ruined shopping mall, on a map that supports 16 player combat, but can expand to fit up to 32. A second screen features Crossroads, a classic SOCOM map that will make an HD reappearance in Confrontation.

In addition to a new over-the-shoulder camera, the classic SOCOM camera option will still be available in Confrontation, for those of us frightened by change. Check out high-res versions of both screens, as well as all the screens released so far, in the gallery below.

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