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Nokia N78 in the house -- the FCC's house, that is

Chris Ziegler

The European flavor of Nokia's N78 -- the one bearing the very un-American 900 and 2100MHz WCDMA radios -- just hit the wire, and while there's nothing much going on here that we didn't already know from Nokia's reveal at MWC, we did notice a sentence in the SAR report that has us just a little concerned. And we quote: "The difference between RM-236 and RM-235 is that RM-236 has had WCDMA900, WCDMA2100 and WLAN2450 components removed." In other words, Nokia appears to be making reference to a version of the N78 that has no American 3G (no 3G whatsoever, in fact) and no WiFi, and that's a version we want nothing to do with. What gives, Nokia?

Update: As several folks have stated, this particular N78 is destined for the Chinese market, where HSDPA doesn't really, how should we put this... apply. The N78 with North American 3G is still very much a go. Thanks, everyone!

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