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Rumor: Euro Xbox 360 price cut on March 14

Good fortune may soon be smiling on our European friends according to a report on Tech Radar that says the Xbox 360 will be getting a 50 Euro price cut on every SKU on March 14. Citing "numerous well-placed games industry sources," that have been corroborated by European retailers, the price cut rumor has yet to be confirmed or denied by Microsoft.

If true, the premium Xbox 360 package would be priced at € 250 ($380) while the Arcade pack would ring it to around €197 ($300). This would mean that the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU would sell for less than the popular Nintendo Wii, which in most cases is available for around € 234 ($356) on Amazon's UK site.

While we haven't been able to substantiate these reports, we will keep you informed as soon as new details emerge.

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