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Rumor: Xbox 360 to get 50 Euro price cut March 14

Justin McElroy

Possible good news for our European friends this morning, as Tech Radar is reporting that Xbox 360s will be getting an across-the-board 50 Euro price cut on every SKU on March 14. Their information, while not confirmed by Microsoft, reportedly comes from "numerous well-placed games industry sources," and has been corroborated with European retailers.

That would bring the price of a 360 to € 250 ($380) and the Arcade pack to around €197 ($300). As a basis for comparison, the Wii is available for around € 234 ($356) on Amazon's UK site, while the 40GB PS3 comes in at €370 ($563). While not necessarily a great sign for how the 360's faring across the pond, it's at least good news for our European friends who've still yet to see what the whole Halo 3 craze is about.

We'll let you know if we hear anything more definite.

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